This year's Waddington airshow saw a return to form from the poor efforts of previous years. There did not seem to have been the quantity of cancellations that have plagued the show in recent years, and some nice foreign participation was also secured. The Italian F-16s and the USAFE F-16s were welcome visitors, as was the Army Defender ZH004 as I've been missing photos of it for a while now. The weather on Friday started dull, then brightened up hugely in the afternoon. Sunday was cloudy all day with a very strong gusty wind all day which led to the cancellation of a number of flying displays including the WW1 display and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. Conversely, after the disappointment of previous years, the Vulcan flew on both days, with Saturday's display appearing the more spirited of the two. The light was, as usual for the venue, dodgy due to the crowdline being south-facing, so you shoot into the sun for a lot of the day. The static layout was, for the most part, well done. Notable howlers included the almost nose-on placement of the 2 special scheme ItAF F-16s, the sheer amount of clutter around the RC135 which rendered it pretty much unphotographable, the wedging-in of the 2 Spangdahlem F-16s (again in Alpha) so that you ccould only photograph them into the sun, and the Tornado F-3 on the end of the main static line, where unless you knelt down, and thus got barrier even further up your shot, you ended up with a 'Disco Fever' sign from the fairground right over the spine of the jet. Hopefully the issues will be sorted next year.


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